Monday, January 9, 2012

Relaxing at the lake

Sitting contentedly on the beach at lake Victoria today. Travel from the States was pretty straight forward. The Ugandan customs guy decided to throw his weight around and check one of my bags. He saw all the meds I had and figured he should have some for himself. He picked three of my huge Acetaminophen bottles and told me because I hadn't declared all this medical stuff he had to confiscate it. All he took was that and as I was tired decided not to fight it. I closed the container back up and figured there was no point in trying to logically point out that you don’t have to declare anything coming into Uganda, that I had cases of meds and he was just taking 3 bottles, that he clearly just wanted some for himself or that most likely he didn't know what he took anyway. But I just went with it. It could have been much worse and that was really my only traveling issue. 
I was met at the airport at 11pm by wonderful teammates who helped me load up and get to the place we were staying that night. Now, I’ve had a few very nice days to get over the time change and re-acclimate. The whole Team Beyond team is here in Entebee for a few days to pray and worship and figure out our long term strategy. Tomorrow we’ll head back home. 

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