Friday, January 13, 2012

Moving from Komolo Road

Quick update as I hope to have internet successfully later today so but I’ll just keep journaling and maybe eventually I’ll get to post it all.  I’m sitting in the Kaisers’ house (who are back in Chicago on furlough) with the majority of my earthly positions sitting in piles around me. These piles seems both small and huge. As Betty and Abella were helping me pack it up I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by this amount of “junk” I “need” to survive. Yet, this pile is tiny compared to when I owned a house and lived in Michigan. I know that God is reminding me that I don’t need this stuff. He has blessed me with it but it is nothing more than worthless worldly accumulations. It is possibly even holding me back from what He may be calling me to out in Karamoja. Whoa, side tracked… anyway. I’ll be living here in this house for a few more weeks until the servant’s quarters of Tiesenga’s house is finished. Yep, that’s right.  I’ll be living in servants quarters. But as Tiesenga’s don’t have servants I think it will be nice. Pictures of my new place will follow soon. 

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