Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back from Karamoja

2/27 *journal entry

My inuragral trip to Karamoja is off to a great start. This isn’t really by any stretch my first trip but it feels like a whole new chapter this time. I don’t really know why but I don’t have to because it is my blog and I can call this trip whatever I want. Mostly I consider it to be so successful up to this point because 1.) I’m here and got myself here this time. Those are not easy roads to drive but the truck worked great and took it like a champ. And 2.) I was responsible to organize this trip and nothing here is easy to organize. And 3.) I’ve met with several of the women believers here in Kangole already and possibly the biggest things contributing to my current feelings of success- I’ve started the right things on fire and haven’t started the wrong things on fire (the lantern and my cooker being the former and the grass thatched hut and my dinner being the latter.)  I’m feeling settled in Kangole already tonight. I’m not in my own place but I’m sleeping tonight on the church compound where I plan on living. I’m really excited to discover that the Mother’s Union “bakery” is also on this compound- which means that there is a constant group of women who don’t want me to starve to death and who talk all day long as they work. Who better to learn language from?! I’ll have all the food vocabulary that one person can contain.
In all seriousness though, it has been a wonderful day. God has answered exceedingly and I’m really excited about this next step. And on that note I drove nearly 7 hours today and have at least 4 more hours to drive tomorrow so it’s time to hang a bug net and crawl under it. 

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