Friday, April 20, 2012

A day in pictures

 I was going to do a week in pictures but today has enough of it's own. Besides, its Friday!!
The day started with this monster in my kitchen. This picture doesn't do it justice but he is as big as the bottom of this quart jar. 
Went out to visit Lazaro and give him this nice new sweater and blanket.
Discussed school for a while with his sister Sara, who was busy making baskets to sell before school holiday is over.
This monster I found while dropping off my translator. Killed by a 7 year old in a compound full of blind people

Then back home for some schoolwork with Betty while Solomon reads over her shoulder. 
Found myself adopted by the neighbor's cat this afternoon. As I have a rather large bug problem (see first picture) this is mutually agreeable.
Then over to the hospital where the youth pastor's child has been sick for too long.  This is Emmanuel and his son Abraham. I suspect that he has Schistosymasis so please pray for them.
Then home for dinner where some of us vigorously attacked a bunch of bananas.  Others of us ate more civilized. 

That's my day. 


Anonymous said...

Love it! You do amazing things-so many of which make me shake my head and say, "better you than me." I love reading your blog. Thanks for being as transparent as you are with your struggles and triumphs in Africa.

Life 102 said...

Busy day! Those bugs would freak me out!!!! Stay alert so you don't get eaten... (c:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer! I love reading your blog and still dream of visiting you sometime! Keep looking to Jesus for your strength!

With you in prayers,
Caroline (from MMI)