Sunday, April 29, 2012

The roads are still passable... for now.

I spent the weekend in Kangole. Betty and Abella are on school holiday so they came with me. I was honestly very fearful of the roads this trip. The rainy season has started in earnest in Soroti and I had heard that the rain had also come to Karamoja. Here are a few pictures of the road from past seasons: 
This bus (the best mode of transportation) got stuck on the way on the main road into Karamoja. 

That orange piece of equipment in the back ground is supposed to be helping the bus get out.
This truck got washed off of a bridge that seemed passable. 
At the time the water was over the bridge but only a little way up his tires. 
Thats a lot of sliding around. 
Which causes things like this. 
Which leads to traffic jams like this because the guy in the front  is either flipped over or in beyond his axles and  so no one else can pass either. 
See why I had some trepadation?! But this time the road was still easily passable. I even managed to drive it in 3 hours. (I REALLY need to stop trying to drive it faster every time!) It was nice to arrive in the afternoon to a supplied house waiting for me. We fired up the segeri and cooked up some pancakes. Betty and Abella are well used to my strange American eating habits now so they jumped right in. And they are clearly teen aged girls- the condition of my hut was quite a sight to behold. 
What a mess.

 We did get a bit of rain while there when we were fetching water from the bore hole. 
But you do what you've got to do. 
 Overall it was a nice, pretty low key weekend and I'm back in Soroti gearing up for another week. 


Anonymous said...

gateway(gate through) to karamoja is always challenging you have to accept what comes on your way on trip, one day roads to karamoja will be better. but that can not stop God's ministry always there will be way to reach karamoja wish you all the best & may God's blessings always be with you regards

Dusty/333 said...

I'm so confused??? THe pictures show a road that looks pretty much impassable???? How did you get there?

Jennifer said...

Dusty- those pictures were last rainy season.