Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun times in Karamoja

Here is a fun antidote from my last trip to Karamoja:
This is a guinea hen
These are the three we were going to catch
Picture this- about 9pm Anne (CLIDE staff) and I remember that we need to catch Dr. Val's guinea fowl to bring them back to Soroti with us the following day. Chickens are far easier to catch at night so it seems logical that these hens will be too. We toss some sandals on and grab my flashlight (Anne doesn't have one) and start looking for the birds. We locate them fairly quickly considering how dark it was and find them roosting with the chickens in a thorn tree. Together we managed to grab one but one took off and the other flew higher in the tree. We knew we didn't want to try to get them in the morning so I agree to climb the tree to try to catch that one. Anne held the flashlight pointing at the bird so I could climb up. Climbing a thorn tree isn't easy, especially in skirt and sandals. I really almost had it when it took off. As they don't actually fly it had to run along the ground so Anne took off after it. Leaving me up in the thorn tree.  In the dark. Really dark. Really thorny. I actually stepped on several chickens on the way back down. And maybe I'm actually thankful that it was so dark because then no one could see every time I snagged my skirt on the way down. I'm sure if a light had been present my underclothes would have been reveled.

And a here are a few signs that made me laugh when we were visiting schools in Karamoja:

These signs were at many different schools. No wonder parents are confused!

Just in case you were wondering. 
And seeing as how we are already on the on the topic: here are some other things I saw at schools in Karamoja.  Paper/posters/diagrams tend to get spoiled quickly when chewed by rats or eaten by bugs. So they are painted on the outside of the school walls to be used as often as necessary.
Life cycle of some kind of bug

Diagram of a tooth and a uterus

Germination, water cycle and parts of a leaf

Human anatomy and two other things I couldn't identify

Last picture- How would you like to say you had gone to LOKODIOKODIO  Primary school?

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Life 102 said...

Good one Kragt, I'm chuckling to myself here. So, did you guys catch the second fowl thingy?