Thursday, May 17, 2012

Direct quote: "Just kill them all. Kill them dead."

Here is a bible story the Karamojung in Namalu are wrestling with this week and their real life application:  They read about David, in the time of his life where he was hiding from Saul. He was being forced to hide and live in caves far from home even though he had done nothing wrong. He was being persecuted and harassed but he was guiltless. As a matter of fact he really deserved better. Then, for the second time, he had an opportunity to kill his enemy, Saul (story can be found in 1 Samuel 26). He had sneaked into Saul’s camp at night and had found him soundly asleep. David’s friends where there with him and all were encouraging him to just kill Saul and be done with it. Twice, God had put David in a position to kill Saul. But he didn’t. He knew that isn’t what God wanted from him. So back to the K-jung. They seem to be continually at war with their enemies. They were challenged with the question “If you come up to a camp of your enemies who were harassing you and had just the night before attacked your home and you found them sleeping, what would you do? They all agreed they would kill them without hesitation. But they are being challenged to think differently and to go against their culture and consider not killing their enemies. David knew that God would be the one to justify him and balance the scale, so to speak. Can you pray with me that the K-jung will also learn how God is our defense and will right all wrongs? Pray that they are able to let go of the belief that they have to be justified and they will be able to forgive and not always be seeking revenge? They think this is a very strange thing, this forgiveness thing, and especially coming from the “white foreigner” it can be easily rejected. But may they know it is biblical and godly. 

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