Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Roughing it" again


I’m in Karamoja this week, but in an area further east (nearer to Kenya) than usual and actually it isn't rough at all.  Here I can drink the water from the tap, I have lunch provided every day, a nice shower, bed that isn't on the ground.  I really feel like I'm on vacation.  The roads were more challenging than anything I've encountered yet but we happily arrived without getting stuck and I plan to be here for a bit, hanging out with Leah and the OPC missionaries, learning language, catching up on stuff and just enjoying a quick break from Soroti. I wish I had taken pictures of the road but I was more than a little bit focused on driving- maybe on  my way back down country I’ll get some. Here are just a few others:
With all this rain come the season of planting! Everyone is digging.

Walking from Leah's house to the clinic. 

Mud, mud, everywhere.
Near Soroti the swamp waters are rising! And you can see that storm blowing in. More rain is coming!
Is your morning commute anything like this?

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