Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mango Accidents kill one, injure seven in Soroti.

I just have to share this Ugandan newspaper article.  First because it has a picture of the inside of Soroti Hospital and second because it so succinctly summarizes what i'm usually griping about in regards to medicine here. Besides it is a great piece of well written news. (Fair bit of sarcasm in there in case you didn't get it.)
Pretty sure that pancreatic rupture was actually a splenic rupture. As much as I would like to write that it was probably the writer that confused it I would not be surprised at all to learn it was the doctor that confused them which would explained why the patient died so quickly. I also find it interesting that the entire first two paragraphs are about this poor kid's "life threatening" urethral injury. And that closing paragraph is like icing on the cake. If you parents would pack your kids a lunch they would stop falling out of trees! O.K.- I'm done. I'm sure I have better things to do.


Sailor RN said...

How does one repair a broken waist anyway.

Jennifer said...

Rachael- waist repairs are very complicated medical procedures that have been mastered here in Uganda but few other places in the world are up to this complicated science. I know you have been in a few research hospitals but I'm surprised you don't know about how this is done.

Patrick Jude Gable Hodack said...

I like that it says his mom is "visibly worried"... the lady in the photo? Worried? No, I'd go with more irritated... like, "get that camera outta my face so I can give this kid a piece of my mind for falling out of a darn tree!"