Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just a few things

Today was a nice restful day (I'm still in Nakaale) so I really have no excuse for not having a legitimate post except that I just really just don't feel like it. So you get a few pictures and some hope that the next one will be more entertaining.
A snake was found chilling in the trees on the compound this morning and after killing him it was determined that he was most likely poisonous. Glad they waited until he was dead to determine this.
You'll notice his head has been practically completely smashed off. He was stoned to death with thrown rocks then beaten to death again from slightly closer with sticks. You can't be too sure with these things. 
Spiders here seem to be bigger than the average but I think it is because they have more mosquitoes  to eat than anywhere else in the world. 
It really is a coke but it needs a translator.

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