Sunday, July 8, 2012

Update on Eunice and Evelyn

I've been asked for an update on the two little premies I was caring for. These two little peanuts are still fighting but I have to be honest and admit that I'm torn. From the beginning I've been praying for health and strength and honestly, a miracle for both of these little girls.  And somehow, they are both still hanging on. They have had numerous problems, too many to mention. We don't have IV access on either of them at the moment so we are constantly battling dehydration and digestive systems that are just too small for milk on top of inability to regulate their temps, anemia, breathing difficulties and infections. But God has answered and they are still alive.

 So here is where the mixed emotion come in. Yesterday when I was there we weighed them.  Eunice has lost weight and Evelyn has only put on 200 grams in a week. They just can't seem to catch a break. Evelyn has bouts when she gets so tired she struggles to breath and Eunice cries and cries sometimes after we tube her formula and draws her little legs up to her chest like her belly hurts. But, in this country, there isn't anything more we can do to keep them comfortable. Every day we  try again to get IVs in and they have gotten poked more in their very shorts lives than most people ever do. Is it time to stop praying for their strength to keep fighting and instead pray for our strength to let go? I choke up even as I write that but I know these tiny little lives are already in the hands of our wonderful Lord. Why not let them leave these tiny, sick, fragile bodies they are trapped in? Maybe that isn't the right attitude but I can't help look ahead and consider their futures. They are looking at months, possibly even years, at Amecet before they are healthy enough to go. And, don't get me wrong, Amecet is a wonderful place. But it is a baby shelter, not a home. There are staff that punch a clock, not mothers. There are cooks and gardeners but not fathers. They are nearly two months old and still smaller than most newborns. They are most likely HIV positive and have the potential for huge long term medical issues. They don't have mothers who are alive or are in a position to ever care for them so they will go to elderly grandmothers or distant aunts. They don't have safe, loving homes to go back to even if they manage to pull through this. I want them to live and with every fiber of my being I know their precious little lives are treasures and I will do everything in my power for them. But I can't help but wonder if that is selfish...
Please pray for the staff of Amecet as on top of these two the got twins this week who are almost as small who's mother died just a few days after birth. They also got three kids from the police station who were left at the bus park and are so neglected they look like little Holocaust victims. They were in bad condition with parasites, wounds and covered in their own vomit. They aren't really talking by they are estimated to be 5, 3 and 2 years old. Every bed is full and most of the cribs have two.
There is a Canadan nurse volunteering there  who will be working practically around the clock for a few weeks and more Ugandan staff has been hired to meet the needs but that is still a lot of work and emotional strain.

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