Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life in Kangole

Several times I’ve done a day in pictures of what my days are like in Soroti but never while I’m in Karamoja so last week I took some pictures to try to give you a glimpse.  
The day starts early and if you want a hot caffeinated beverage you need to start a fire.
Getting water for the day takes a while so leave yourself some time.
The hut seems to collect dust and bugs like it is grass thatched (which it is) and I have to do laundry at least twice a week (which means an additional trip to the borehole) so often the cooler morning hours are spent working. 
Laundry with my home behind

Got to store up a few solar hours for light later.

Fill the water filter to have clean water for the day. 

Generally later in the morning I have all my other things done, and I head the half mile to my language tutor’s house.  She is always working when I arrive and I sit while she works and learn vocab, verbs, and various other things you have to try to comprehend while learning a new language. Occasionally I attempt to help her with the work to get a break from thinking. 
When I tried this they all laughed at me and I hurt for 3 days so enough of that.
This week's work was gathering sticks to build a shade for their yard.
This is their current shade structure until the new one is constructed. 
Most days, after my language lesson, I spend a few hours working in the CLIDE office on things, or try to do computer work, but to be honest, some days I just take a nap. Then in the later afternoon I head into the town center or market or visit a few of the church ladies to practice the things I learned. 
Girls in market

Trying to sell the pumpkins they grew. (I know the word for pumpkin now!) 

Lots of activity in the Kangole market.
Could get a new "eburangkit"
Talked with these girls for a bit but only after I bought something!
Then a few hours to make dinner and when the sun sets I read or study a bit. That is it, pretty simple life for now. As my language learning gets more advanced I’ll have more ministry activities to do but I’m going slowly for now with lots of learning. 

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