Monday, November 19, 2012

Hospital- a picture is worth a thousand words

Several weeks ago I talked about hospital pictures. Finally managed to get a few. Sorry about the poor quality as I was trying to be really subtle and not look like I was taking pictures for the most part.

This is outside the woman’s surgical ward. Make sure you bring someone with you who will watch your baby and fetch water for you.  Some of these patients have been waiting literally days to be seen by a physician.
There are no beds left so this young patient sleeps on the floor. You can’t see in the picture because he is hep locked but his IV abx treatment is just tied to the side of the neighboring bed.
This is Abraham (the child I was visiting) and his bed mate, who his family didn’t know before yesterday! Their charts are there above their heads and if you look closely at the bed behind Abraham’s you can see there are three patients sleeping in it and two moms sitting as there are no chairs in the whole ward.
Abraham finally stopped vomiting blood on Friday and was discharged Saturday but after being in the hospital for seven days never received a diagnosis (and was only seen by a physician 3 times and had labs done once).  Next week Monday the plan is that Abraham, his father Emma, a member of their church (for translation purposes) and I will head to Kampala to attempt to get some real treatment for Abraham's condition.  I'm learning that many children, boys especially, between the ages of 3 and 7 are dying in rather high numbers due to this unknown condition. It seems that 7 did last week while Abraham was in the hospital. The doctor told me that they really started seeing it in 2008 and have not yet determined a course of action. He has been on prednislone for nearly 4 months now but it isn't changing anything. So feel free to pray for us as we go that I won't lose my salvation over frustration in a ridiculous medical system. (Remember this and this?)

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