Monday, December 10, 2012

Transformed lives lead to transformed communities

In my newsletter I mentioned the day that I headed out with the ladies from church in Karamoja to visit and help an elderly widow. (Mostly I have more pictures than could fit in the newsletter so I have to write some more about it.)  I should know by now that these ladies work hard! And that I was going to be tired and sore by the end of the day!! We arrived at the home of a blind widow (blind I suspect from incorrectly home brewed alcohol) who told us right off that she wanted to die. She asked for alcohol because she was hungry and didn't have any money. A few of the ladies I came with sat down and started talking to her and the rest started ripping down her fence. You need to know that I get about 2% of what is going on around me when out in the remote villages so I wasn't really sure what was up. But I could tell the fence was already falling down and it soon became clear we were gathering material  for a new one. Within two hours these 14 woman had build what I estimate to be 200 meters of new fence. 

Resting, admiring some of our fence, sitting together in the shade, praying over the home and sharing a meager lunch.
A few bowls of un-shelled sunflower seeds as all these women had for lunch and still they willingly shared.
And I don't want you to think this was easy work! It was hot, heavy, tough work to gather branches, dig a foot or so down into the hard ground then weave and tie this stuff together.  But I was there to provide comic relief. "Look at this foreigner! It looks like she has never build a fence before!" "But she is a woman isn't she?!"  "Yea, but her hands are so soft! And she has no idea how to weave!" "Strange! How has she survived this long in life?" "I know right?!" "Just watch her!" This is not a direct translation but you get the idea. :-) 

Nothing like a 60+ year old woman with a machete to remind you how tough these ladies are. 
As the sun was setting we wrapped up and began the trek home. 
The blind old widow and young grand daughter to care for her. 

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