Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy in Karamoja

I hope you had a chance to watch the video of the last post because as I talk of the next 4 weeks that is where most will take place. There are several big events that will keep me in Karamoja until mid feb.
Introduction ceremony
First and primary is Dr. Val's wedding. I can't believe that I haven't written about this yet as this is going to be the event of the century in Karamoja. Val met an american while visiting the states but she has lived in Karamoja so long that they decided to have a tradition wedding in the peace village and pay the bride price to her clan here. There have been 3,000+ people invited and it will be a 3 day event in a remote village so to say that it is a massive undertaking is a huge understatement. Especially when you think about getting water for that many people, building latrines, gathering firewood, clearing land for pitching LOTS of tents, security, food, transport, you get the idea. On top of that there is the usual wedding stuff- cake, music, dancing...
A few weeks ago they had the introduction ceremony when Val's fiance meets her "family" here and agreed on the number of cows that he has to pay to marry her.
A number was agreed upon by both sides eventually, though there were a few other men who stepped in and said they would pay if her fiance wouldn't agree to the higher price. There was celebrating and wedding planning could begin. 

I'm sure next month I'll have lots of pictures of the wedding so stay tuned.

Very shortly after the wedding, in the neighboring villages we will be doing outreaches and some medical care with a team of Americans. It will be good but it always stresses me out to think of that many mazunogos (foreigners) hanging out in villages for extended periods of time. These next few weeks are going to be an adventure!!

Will you pray?

  • That God will be honored in ALL that is done and said while we are there. 
  • For patience and peace and safety and health and patience and courage and love and patience
  • For words to say to communicate TRUTH in many different situations
  • For Dr. Val and her fiance as they begin a totally new chapter in their lives
  • For the CLIDE staff as they try to pull all of this together. 
  • For all of the american visitors, both for the wedding and for the ministry teams, that they would be able to see how God is working!

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