Sunday, January 6, 2013


Video of Nakayot.

Here is a video that shows really well the peace village that I work in. ADRA, the folks that filmed this, are a Seventh Day Adventist organization that really are doing some good work in Nakayot.  I don't believe they are doing quite as much as this video presents and they are very legalistic, presenting a very confusing "Christianity" to people but between them and CLIDE Nakayot is a much better place to live.

At about 2:10 minutes in the filming is right in front of the hut I sleep in and several of the ladies you see carrying water are ladies who I spend time with when I'm up there. The panoramic view around 1:40 is the hill I most like to have my morning quite time on.

The video does a great job describing some of the Karamojung issues. At one point it mentions that cows are not allowed in Nakayot to keep the peace but in the last 9 months that has changed. They are now back to keeping livestock. Please pray for peace!

And if that last song doesn't make you want to be a missionary.... 

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