Monday, January 28, 2013


As I'm in Karamoja more and more I've been getting sick of posho and beans and I'm all out of granola bars and packages of oatmeal so I've needed to get creative on meal ideas. The only vegetable I can get up there is cabbage and meat is pretty much non-obtainable without skin still on. So,  I'm pretty proud of this most recent project. I went to the market here in Soroti and bought every vegetable they have- carrots, green peppers, onion, tomatoes, and eggplant and added a few from my garden- spinach and zucchini and made a vegetable marinara that has enough vitamins in it to knock your socks off. Then I added half a kilo ground beef for protein so when I cook up some pasta I have a meal that is better than anything I can get up there.  But no refrigeration  So.... pulled out my canner.  In just a few hours I managed to create 6 meals that will be ready to eat in shortly after I get the fire lit and a bit of water boiling.
Sadly, I've not managed to figure out how to warm it on my manifold yet but I'm trying.
On that note- headed up again today!

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ferrelli said...

Sounds like a meal fit for a . . . lady! Nicely done!