Saturday, January 26, 2013

Catering a wedding of 4,000+ (last wedding post. I promise!)

I spent a lot of my time on the days surrounding the wedding in the "kitchen" (a giant space under a shade tree with fences build around it to keep people from wandering in and out) helping out where I could with these wonderful ladies. There were almost 50 women making it all happen from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  These 5 oversaw the controlled chaos. 

Peeling pounds of potatoes. 
Always several cooking fires burning. 
Cutting up 20 freshly slaughtered chickens
OK, it wasn't just ladies. One man worked. Cutting up two bulls. 
Another of the ladies cutting chicken but you can just see the mountain of cabbage on their right that needed to be cut when they were done with the hens.  

You can't even imagine how hot it was in the sun around these monster hot pots. Easily 120 degrees .

Around 6 am two bulls were butchered for wedding day. This was about all that was still to be cut up by the time I arrived at 9am.
Just two "small" pots of beans for those that don't eat meat. 

I tried to take a picture of all 10 cooking fires....
There were so many dishes to wash!  This was just the cups station. 

My favorite part? Serving! Long lines with food served out of trash buckets but no one complained! 

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