Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big news

I've gotten some feedback that I possibly shouldn't have left the end of that last post hanging like that. I want to clarify that I am NOT engaged to be married nor do I even have a boyfriend (contrary to the precident that my teammate Beckie has set). My big news is only that I officially have tickets to come back to the states.  My permission to stay in Uganda is about to expire again and the new work permit through CLIDE isn't going to be ready. So it is sooner than I was expecting (and actually sooner than I'd like) but I'm arriving back in Michigan March 11th. I was looking forward to coming back for my brother's wedding and this whole work permit thing has just helped me clarify the dates.
But that means that I have just 29 short days to get ready to be back in the States. Please be praying for this time!! I was feeling a bit pressured with a busy schedule to begin with and now I have to pack up two houses and prepare to go on top of the stuff I was already planning.
However, I'm missing family and friends something fierce right now and can't wait to be back with you all!!! See you soon!

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ferrelli said...

It will be nice to see you here in Michigan again!

I'm wondering if this information about a "16 brick stove" is of any value to you? You probably use something like it already: