Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prayer Requests

I only have a few minutes before the sun comes up and I have to hit the ground running today but I want to ask for your prayers before I head into Karamoja.  I’m planning on heading up to Kangole today and then out to the peace village Sunday. There are several new churches there and I’ll be worshiping with one. I hope they don’t feel like they have to ask me to teach but I know Ugandan culture well enough to know that they will. Please pray that as I speak I’ll bring the words that they need to hear.
Also, next week I’ll be doing some training of the village health workers and possibly of the local midwives. I’m feeling unprepared but want to give education that is helpful and encouraging. I'm sure there will also be sick people and lots of requests for medication...
On top of that we will also be doing some vet work and just spending time in the peace communities discipleshiping (is that a real word?) and spending time with people. Please pray for our time up there, that God will use it to His glory.  I’m not exactly sure what this next week will hold but I am just feeling like it is really important for you to keep us in your prayers.  I’ll update when I get back on the 25th!

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