Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God reminds me of His sovereignty

Sometimes I think I know what I need and I pray for it and then I don't get it and I get frustrated and there are times that  I just have to deal with the frustration.  But then there are other times that God reminds me that He knows better than I do what I need and He shows me how well He provides. Last week was that for me. There was a team coming from the states to do some serious work in Karamoja and to be brutally honest after coming off all the work from the wedding we were not at all prepared for them. I was dreading it and trying to figure out how I could get out of  spending another long, hot, tiring week in Nakayot.  And yet it turned out to be the highlight of my year so far. Over and over again God reminded me of his proximity and how He knows exactly what I need and how well He provides.
I wish I had the ability, time and space to detail all of what God did but mostly you had to be there. Here are just a few snapshots:
I mean, who WOULDN'T be intimidated by this? 
I was feeling stressed and anxious about being the main liaison between the CLIDE Ugandan team and the E3 American team. There are often missed expectations and hurt feelings on big projects like this.  But it wasn’t even an issue. I felt so reassured when I saw  several familiar faces from last year that I didn’t know were coming, even got a hug, and it seemed just like God was reminding me that He has it all taken care of. I know this doesn’t seem like much but really it was.
This group of visitors were awesome. I can’t even begin to describe their great attitudes and servant’s hearts in a place that can be VERY difficult.
Willing to walk long miles if the vehicles couldn't make it. 

Some of them gave up their tents, they gave away their food, even shared their toilet paper. I’m not sure I heard a word of complaint in all the days they were here. I was anxious about attempting clinics because of issues and violence in the past but all 4 days went, overall, well.
God blessed us with several cool, overcast days which was a miracle as right now the sun BAKES Karamoja with temps around 110 and sun that is unrelenting.
But we got a reprieve!
We were well received, which doesn't always happen but, as prayed for, God had gone before us!

I could go on and on with all the blessing and ways God provided for us. Like safe travel. 
(I did get stuck in the mud one time. We had to unload and several people had to push but it was relatively easy and didn't delay us long.)
Besides all of the other blessings, these guys were were a really fun group to work with.  God reminded me that even though I can be strong and do this on my own, I don’t always have to. He will provide teammates to share the burden and the challenges with. It was a really comforting reminder.  There were so many reminders to me over this week of how God is working in and around me!

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