Saturday, June 28, 2014

In which the heroine finds herself as part of a posse to track raiders and cattle then after which she spends several hours discussing hygiene practices with a hygiene committee.

 I felt the need to slip into some 18th century Victorian literature techniques to remind myself that the stuff I find myself doing isn't actually normal. Even though it just doesn't feel that strange anymore. 
While on this last trip up out to the peace villages I was waved down by a group of soldiers.  Thankfully I was with Kodet, one of our peace workers whom I trust, so when a rapid discussion took place in Ngkaramojung and then 5 soldiers piled into my vehicle I didn’t get too upset. Turns out there was a raid the previous night and some cattle were stolen. These guys were tracking them and I was going their way.  I don’t really know how to describe the ride with my truck packed full of men and rifles smelling like they’ve been sleeping in their uniforms for months.
I think Kodet told them we were going to Lormoruchbae and then later Nakayot but they wanted to go all the way to Nakayot right away so Kodet suggested that we do our work out there first and then come back later. If I’ve learned nothing else here it is that you don’t really want Ugandan military upset with you so we took them all the way out to the barracks. Which was fine because it gave me a chance to check on the school.
Primary 4
Primary 3
Also spent some time with the VHWs (village health workers) giving them new meds and supplies.  Then headed back to Lormoruchbae there we did an entire village survey of their hygiene practices. I learned a ton and I think that will be a post all of its own when I have a bit more time. 

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