Sunday, June 29, 2014

Odd is my new normal

making the crust first
So the last few times I posted it has been all about Karamoja. But I do lead a more normal life in Sototi too. Although even as I write that I realize that these pictures aren't really going to show what you think of as normal. But odd is my new normal. 

I really wanted hot pockets the other day. Weird craving I know. But I managed to make some. Now, if only i had a microwave....

Along the same lines as snacking.... 
A white ant hatching happened the other night. These stupid bugs are attracted to light by the millions when they come out of the ground. I have a tiny little light on my inverter which was next to a small opening in the kitchen window above the sink. This was my pleasant finding in the morning. 

The watchman had spent all night catching them so he could being this tasty treat home to his kids. He got a large basin full of them. The kids are going to be so excited! 

One last picture of them. These ones are in the process of shedding their wings so they are now more ready for my frying pan....

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