Friday, June 13, 2014

Lormoruchbae for a few days

I’m out in Lormoruchbae. Arrived earlier today. Feeling very discouraged after checking on the water filtration project.  (Teammates wrote about last month's project here).  We started this clean water project because there was a big need due to a Hepatitis outbreak. We trained them on using and maintaining the filters but today the first one I went to see was filthy and even as I watched the they tried to flush it with dirty water. Can’t really be doing much good. Also I went to the spring with the kids and many of the “clean” jerry cans went with us. Ugg!!  I vacillate between being frustrated with myself for not teaching it well enough and frustration with them for just disregarding my teaching and doing what they want because it is easier. I’ll go visit the other 4 tomorrow so I still have hope.

My plan for tomorrow also includes an attempt to deworm all the children of the village. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. However, I did find two young teens who aren’t at school this term and they speak a bit of English and are willing to help me coral kids. One is a girl I’ve never met before, Teoko, who says she wants to be a nurse. I’ll see tomorrow how teachable she is and maybe I can work with her on cleaning and restoring the filters and maybe she can help me see where we went wrong. 

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