Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fun activites

I'm really ready to just curl up and hibernate for a bit. It has been a very busy month. I'm happy to be back in Soroti for a bit. The heat is a lot easier to handle down here. Besides there fun Christmas activities going on. I've made cookies at least four times with different friends. 

Ronnie and Silas
Angie, Eliana and Amara
And of course eaten pounds of cookies to make up for the calories I don't eat in Karamoja. I spent a fun afternoon making and tie-dying bags that I'm going to pack with goodies and give the the kids that spend time with me.

 In other news the church in Obulle that I love to worship in is finishing its building! They have been working on it for months years and soon will begin roofing. But that means the mug/grass thatched church  had to come down. For a few Sundays and Christmas day we will be worshiping in the shade of the trees in the yard.

Congregation on Sunday
You can see the new building going up behind the worshipers 

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