Monday, December 22, 2014

Great trip to Karamoja!

Karamoja is HOT and DUSTY right now.  But I had a great time up there last week. A teacher in Soroti came with me and I've blatantly stolen her pictures.
 We spent several days meeting with the health workers, launching a group of local birth attendants and just spending time with people. We braved the 110 degree days to hike out to Alakas to bring them several pounds of medications. We also gave out small Christmas packages containing rice, salt and sugar. People were very appreciative.

When I'm in Lormoruchbae I stay in another missionary's house but I think I'm about to start building my own! Rebecca helped me make the road to the new land that I've been invited to stay on. It is building season since the grass is like 6 foot high and the days are too hot and dry for gardening so I think next time I go up the ladies will help me start. This is an exciting step for me as part of the community.
This is the house I've been staying in as we drove through the village. 

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