Thursday, December 11, 2014

Youth Spiritual Retreat (part 2)

I also managed 130 physical exams and treatment in four days for these kids who get no medical care any other time of the year. I have no pictures of that chaos so you will just have to picture 50 kids who want malaria tests, 100 kids who want cough syrup, 40 kids who want ace wraps, 10 who need daily dressing changes and all of them trying to get them all from me at one time. On top of that all of the cooks in the kitchen saw me giving free medical care and started also demanding medicine.
* On a side note when you are picturing cooks in the kitchen is this what you are picturing?
 On one afternoon we took all of the secondary school boys to the sports field to play soccer.  I'm not sure if this would be acceptable in the states but this is what we did here:

 Sixty teenage boys piled into three vehicles for the 5km ride to the sports ground. Perfectly legal.

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