Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The retreat for our students from Karamoja starts tomorrow. As I've been praying and preparing for their coming I've been overwhelmed by the thoughts that we are headed into a battle. Many of these kids have backgrounds of neglect and abuse. They come from a culture of alcoholism, hopelessness, deceit and dependency, of witch craft and demonic influence.
We have been working with lots of these kids for several years and many have accepted Christ. But some are Muslim, some Seventh Day Adventist, and all have lots of exposure to witch craft. Some don't have an example of Christians in their daily lives.  Some will tell us they are Christians just because they think that is what we want to hear. Yet they don't even really know what that means. Many worry about their future, where their next meal will come from. They feel trapped in their circumstances
I really want all of these kids to have a fun time while they are with us. To laugh, to have enough food, to not worry about anything for the whole retreat. To feel loved and know they are valued.
But more than all of that I want God's truth to set them free. They need to know His love and peace and joy for more than just their time with us. Will you pray that they will have a whole new perspective of their heavenly Father?  That they will trust and He will provide and shelter and protect?

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