Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Please pray for Melda

 The girl in the far right of this picture is 12 year old Melda.  She has had osteomyelitis in her leg for at least a year, probably 2 years. Her family tried to get treatment a few times but every time got sub par treatment or denied treatment all together. So I've been involved for a few weeks now. I took her to an orthopedic hospital yesterday. We'd been told repeatedly that all that could be done was a BKA amputation before it became sepsis. But yesterday's surgeon agreed to try something else, he will attempt to clean up the bone and see if it will heal. She heads into surgery next week Monday. The girl in the middle of the picture is actually her sister. Her identical twin. But she has been sick so long he father (man on the left) said they don't resemble each other anymore.
Will you pray for Melda and her family?  They are in a tough situation and Melda has a tough few weeks ahead of her. 

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Terrill Schrock said...

Hi Jennifer! Do you know about CORSU hospital near Entebbe? I took a young girl there last year for treatment of osteomyelitis. They operated and put on an external fixator (her femur was still broken when I took her). Within a few months, her leg was healed completely. The hospital is subsidized, so the treatment is free. The only cost involved is lodging/food for the patient and an attendant of !5,000 UGX per day. I know that it's a pain to get someone to Entebbe, but it may be worth it in the long run to take care of the problem. When another Ik patient went to Kumi for treatment, her leg was amputated quickly when I felt something could have been done for her at CORSU. Just giving you ideas...
-Amber (from Kaabong)