Thursday, May 26, 2016

Work permit update

Please keep praying for my work permit. It seems nothing can be simple. I've learned this week that my permit request was "deferred" because there is an error on two of the letters that needed to be submitted. I was told that in the letters it states I'm the director which can't be because it is a local NGO. However, I went back an re-read the letters and, even if English is your second language, it is clear I am a volunteer and the person who wrote and signed the letter is the director and obviously Ugandan. (Which he even states in the letter.) When asking for clarification I was told (please ignore the poor English):
The Board members need direct letter that states your position and you are doing and it should be only three paragraphs.So let letter be rewritten and scan and send to us this week so that we can filed it.
Which is EXACTLY what I sent last time, three paragraphs, position, I'm a nurse, etc...... So I need to figure out how to re-write these letters, get them re-signed and sent in to Kampala before the end of the week.  On something that was already done weeks ago. Ugh.

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