Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Templeton’s Holiday

When I was growing up I remember doing this thing mom called Templeton’s holiday. It was named after Templeton the pack rat in Charlotte’s web.  The idea was that we could pick any fast food that we wanted and we would get it and bring it all home. So if you wanted a frosty from Wendy’s and nachos from Taco Bell then it is fine. Between the brothers and I we could stop at least six different places. I only remember doing it two different times. Once when Dad was in Africa and one other time but I can't remember the occasion. We never got to eat fast food which made it that much more special.  Anyway, the whole point of this silly little walk down memory lane is that today I really wanted a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s. But more than that, getting medical care here felt like trying to get a 12 piece chicken nugget from Arby’s.  Unless Arby’s actually has chicken nuggets.  Then this isn’t a good comparison.   

I had several patients today that I’d encountered over the past week in clinics that needed further testing in town. That meant I was trying to get an ultrasound, blood work , x-rays, Augmentin (very hard to find in Soroti), and a consult from a pediatrician. Today that meant five different places. Turns out the hospital I started at could order the x-ray, I could go to Joint Clinic to have it taken and then took the film to Community Clinic to have it read by an actual radiologist. Then back to the hospital with a definitive diagnosis of Osteomyelitis. But we were told we would need to go to another town to find an orthopedic surgeon.  And that was only one of my patients. Now you see why I wanted that Frosty? 

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Karebear said...

Yes! I am praying for better facilities in our town, and so thankful that I don't have anything worse than a chest cold.