Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A whole week's worth of work

Yesterday: 20 patients in prenatal clinic with no other staff on duty this week. After assessments, charting, prenatal vitamins and tetanus for all of them, cleared them out to see the 8 other people waiting. One was a 102 (?!) year old woman in significant respiratory distress. Needless to say, didn't get out of clinic until late. Headed into the the hospital and got the old lady admitted. Then quick checked in on my other two admitted patients. Then to the pharmacy to get my order for the month placed. Got a call that Amecet urgently needed their IV pump back for a critical little one. Spent a little time over there (Pictures on their blog- here and here) When you are only 1.6kg (3.5 pounds) a sudden turn for the worst is a crisis. I was finally heading home, ready to call it a day when I got a call from the village that there is  no one working in the clinic, can I please come back to suture up one of the school kids. So 8pm found me trying to figure out how to close this nasty lac.  I really need to improve my suture skills.

Today: No less busy, just with less urgent cases. Couple of malaria tests, a follow up on a patient diagnosed with cancer last month. Couple of sick little kids. But I think that all together I had almost 40 patients in the last two days. I think that is enough for this week......

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