Saturday, October 22, 2016


So, it seems like whenever I'm in Karamoja a water post soon follows..... 
Alakas used to have a capped spring well for clean water. But has dried up. Now they go further "upstream" (it is an underground spring) to get water from this dirty mud puddle. This wont last long for the number of  people and animals accessing it. Then they will have to set off again searching further and further away. 

Also, Lormoruchbae's spring has dried up. They say they don't even bother hiking up there any more. The good news is Water Aid put in a new borehole but they stayed far from any of the land UWA is claiming so the people of my village walk nearly four miles. That is a minimum of an hour of walking and most families will make that trip several times a day. And carrying water is hard work. And the animals all have to be herded out there. It seems like these guys just can't get a break.

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