Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quick update on Joyce

This afternoon after church I ran out to Kumi to check up on Joyce. The good news is she is in good spirits and having a lot less pain. However there is lots of bad news: She is not actually in traction. She says it hurts when the leg is pulled so she just slides down in the bed. Which, in her defense, it is the dumbest traction I've ever seen as it isn't really attached to her leg with anything except the gauze that was put on days ago when her leg was swollen twice its normal size anyway. And because it isn't weighted, just tied to the bed, all weight can be taken off without Joyce even realizing.
Also, a doctor hasn't even seen her since I dropped her off Wednesday. I asked for his phone number, called him and he said he was rounding tonight (after 6pm) and I could wait and see him then if I wanted. He said he thinks he'll operate tomorrow but he isn't sure as he has not seen her yet and he has a whole week's worth of patients waiting so he isn't sure how many he will get to anyway. He told me all of this frankly, as though it was my fault for bringing her in when there were no doctors working at the hospital.
Lastly, I asked the nurses about paying because I know they won't operate without some payment and I'd hate for that be be a reason to hold things up tomorrow. They told me they don't know how much the surgery will be yet as the doctor is the one to determines the cost. They also confirmed that they won't even consider her without 1 million deposit. I told them I was willing to make that deposit and they said I can't as the accountant doesn't work on Sunday, I would need to come back Monday. I explained I was also working Monday and wouldn't be able to come back and asked what should we do? They said "No problem, surgery can wait until Wednesday" (which is the next operative day. I guess Tuesdays are for resting after operating on the forty waiting people on Monday.) I love this job. 

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