Monday, February 27, 2017


I preformed my first inservice in the clinic today. Overall it was well received. At few of our last deliveries the babies have given us some challenges so we discussed the first five steps of the newborn resuscitation logarithm.  (They don't have the resources to go beyond those first five steps). It was obvious that Tony and Barbara had never had this training before and John and Rose had been in discussions as students but had never seen or held an amb bag or done anything beyond some lecture of hypothetical situations with vague suggestions.  They thought it was great that I could give them "rules" to follow. I tried to explain that these aren't rules exactly, and that they still need to follow common sense and what each situation calls for, but they took it very seriously.  All four of them practiced and we had good discussion about intrapartum suctioning with meconium present, how to do apgars and several other things that I had just assumed they already knew. It was good for all of us. Now I pray we never need to use it again. 

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