Saturday, February 25, 2017

Prayers please for this sweet little girl who got a nasty burn three days ago. Her family, unfortunately, neglected to care for it and then when they heard I was coming, they sprinkled flour on it to make me believe they were using antibiotic powder. It took the VHT and I nearly an hour this  morning to scrub it out, remove all the dead tissue and get her wounds covered. She got a pretty hefty dose of codine (can you use that on three year old?!) but it was still really painful. She didn't fight us at all. Just sat still and sobbed while we made her bleed. I'm worried about the scar tissue in her axilla inhibiting the use of her right arm however, we need to get through this high infection risk time before we can worry about anything else. Her family has already shown us they aren't really interested in taking care of her so, she needs your prayers. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate treating burns, especially in little kids. Yuck!!

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