Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pretty sure this should be only for nurses

Warning, this post might be a bit much for non-medical people. It was a bit much for me and I'm supposed to be trained in this sort of thing.
I was called yesterday evening from the clinic with a woman who had been pushing without progress for too long and the staff didn't feel comfortable. They called me to come assess and possibly transport into the hospital. So I headed out.
Well, I'm not sure crowning is the right word, but baby was presenting nose first as I entered the labor room. I've never seen anything quite like it. Eyes, nose mouth, I could see the whole face and nothing else.  There are more graphic pictures out there but lets just stick with this one. Thankfully after a quick episiotomy, which by the way I'd never done before with a scissors let alone with the scalpel blade I'd been handed, the baby slid right out. Baby girl struggled quite a bit for the first hour and the mother bled far more than I liked and sewing up tears should be rewarded with Olympic medals but we all survived.

It was also the first time I convinced a father to do skin to skin so the night was full of firsts. Baby was cold for a long time (which seems strange as I'm sure the delivery room was 110 degrees as I had sweated through my scrubs before I even got gloves on) but she looked really good when I checked in on them this morning.
This is the mother and her attendant recovering afterwards.

And this is the nurse cleaning up the war zone that is our delivery room. 

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