Friday, February 17, 2012

A few bullet points.

Internet and power at the same time! Let me go check- if city water is on buy me a lottery ticket! Nope, no water. Well, two out of three ain't bad.  So... I haven't posted in a few days again. What has been going on? Maybe this is a good time for some bullet points.

  • Remembrance Church (my sending/home church)  is sending a work team next month and it always takes a bit of time to get ready for a group. They are going build a hydroponics system to raise fish and vegetables. I'm personally pretty excited because what a cool thing to make this will really be a great project to provide the street kids with some life skills and good food!
The working prototype that I saw in North Carolina 
  • I joined Mandy teaching out in Obule. There were 35 women and girls for a purity study. We talked of sexual sin and its results, what the bible says and how they can practically apply it to their lives.  It never ceases to amaze me what they know, or don't know about some of this stuff.
  • And how can I forget about this one! I'm purchased a truck! I haven't seen said truck but I've signed the documents and paid the deposit and some time next week I'll head up to Kampala to get it! I've heard that it is really a great deal and in good shape but as I'll pay easily 6 times the amount I'd pain in the states for something comparable I'm a bit anxious over this investment. I find myself worrying about money because of it and it is a bit of a daily battle to remind myself that when I'm worrying it is saying that I'm not trusting God to provide. And provide He does! I can't wait to get my hands on this truck! 
  • I was at Amecet yesterday.  It always makes me sad. They have a little girl, just a few months old with a vaginal/rectal fistula most likely from molestation. The baby was being raised in the prison (as that is where her mother is) but at least now she is at Amecet getting some medical care. They have another little girl who was brought in by the police. They were told she is 8 months, the Amecet staff is guessing 12 months and I personally am guessing more like 14 month but she doesn't weigh more than 7 pounds she has been so neglected. She is pretty sick as the reason that the police picked her up is because her family was starving her to death but she wasn't dying so they tried to poison her. Little Raphael is still there. He was in Amecet and then came back after more extreme neglect. (a bit of his story.)
  • Here is a fun one. Yesterday, I baked some cakes and muffins. Not a big deal as I do this at least once a week but this time I did it in Jim's wood fired oven! Margaret did a nice post on it here.

  • What else? Soroti is ridiculously hot and dry. I don't think I've written yet this season whining about the heat so here it is. Yesterday before 11am I noticed the thermometer  reading 109 degrees. I'm tired of sweating but not sweating isn't a wise option. I discovered last week that both of my mercury oral thermometers ( I know, danger!, but I need ones that don't have stupid little batteries that have to be replaced so I use them even though they are known to cause cancer in the state of California) have been broken by the heat. Their uppermost reading is 108 and they are cracked at the tip where the mercury has forced its way out. Around 2pm you can hear the wind pick up and you think there is going to be a bit of a breeze.  Then tree branches start whipping around and you realize that the air is getting a red cast to it because there is so much dust in the air and the "breeze" feels more like the air from a blast furnace and there are rather large dust devils being whipped up.
  • I guess that is it. Does that make up for a week of no posting?  

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