Friday, February 10, 2012

Seen on the back of a bike

A mattress on the back of a bike. 

I haven’t filed many pictures under this heading lately (here are old ones if you were unfortunate enough to miss them)  because I just don’t find as many things shocking anymore. But here is a fun one. 

And then this one. I’m not sure I’ll ever see anything top it. Look closely at the bike in the front. 
This picture was taken by a fellow missionary in Jinga- right on Lake Victoria and the source of the Nile. I have got to stop swimming there. That fish does not appear to be a vegetarian.  
And one last picture tonight before I unhook the car battery from my computer. 
Impact Institute Driving School.The other side of the sign says School of Driving right above the "drive under instruction" part. But the passenger (instructor?) started telling me to go away when I went around the car to take another picture. I tried to joke about how I was helping him advertise but he wasn't buying it. 

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