Thursday, February 23, 2012

Land Cruiser

Today was one of those days that if I didn't experience it myself I may not have believed it. Last night around 11 pm Karen and I hoped on a matato that took us into Soroti. We got on the night bus and by 1 am  were headed up country. Around 6 am we arrived in Kampala and did a bit a "sightseeing" while waiting for the shops to open. I managed to get a hold of the mechanic who had my truck and we set off on bodas to find him.
Mid morning we finally found the place and volia! my new truck!
I'm now the proud owner of a 1993 Land Cuiser! We spent the remainder of the day getting things like spare tires, registration, tax id numbers, and grocery shopping for the team. We can't possibly go back with an empty truck! We need a few hours to get a bit of sleep because you really don't get much on a Ugandan bus but first thing tomorrow morning we'll be headed back to Soroti. 
And for dad and the brothers here is an engine picture though when one is taking a picture of an engine I'm not sure what one is really supposed to capture.