Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I’ve been feeling quite oppressed lately by the heat but today I felt just a little better about the sun. I have my own solar system!

This little work of art has been in process for months now (though knowing my dad he has had it tumbling around in his head for far longer than that) and tonight I’m typing away on my computer even though it is a power out night and I usually feel compelled to conserve battery in case something comes up and power doesn’t come back tomorrow or whatever. But not tonight!! I now can harness and possess the power of the sun! And I have absolutely no doubts that there will be sun tomorrow so my computer is assured a charge.
More importantly the next time I head up to Karamoja I’ll be able to keep my phone charged (still can’t guarantee that I’ll have reception but at least I’m a step closer to being in contact with the outside world), a few lights and possibly even my camera battery should the need arise and I feel so inclined.   
Here is dad, the mastermind behind this whole thing, and Benji with quite a bit of “help” from Izaac while building and assembling back in December. 

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