Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Everyone here seems to be talking about rain. In the past 4 days it has sprinkled a couple of times and we seem to be on the cusp of rainy season. The biggest reason that I say this isn't because of the little precipitation but that suddenly the days are 20 degrees cooler.  And I'm not exaggerating. At the peak of the day it would hit 110's without hesitation and we would be lucky if it dropped below 80 degrees at night. In one afternoon last week, the clouds blew up, the temp dropped to 60 that night and it hasn't been above 100 again since. There are clouds in the sky and rain- which hasn't happened since early November.
But here is where the discussion lays and why everyone is talking of it. Is it really rainy season? It seems a few weeks early. If it really is, then it is time to till the soil, get seeds in the ground and hold on for when the rain really arrives. If it isn't yet, people need to conserve their hard earned seeds. There isn't a second chance on this one. If they get the ground ready and put the seeds in and the season hasn't really changed yet those seeds are a loss.  The sun will bake them, animals will eat them and there is no getting them back. If it is the season but people wait to make sure, then they will miss their window of opportunity. Plants all need a certain amount of time in the ground before they will produce their intended product. If people wait and it is a short rainy season and dry comes again before the plant have had enough time, then there won't be enough of a harvest to have both enough to eat and enough to put away for next planting season. So we continue to watch the sky and talk about rain...

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