Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I've been out of my usual sphere down in western Uganda. Teammates, Dr. Daniel and his wife Rachel, were headed down to Bwindi to do a rabbit training program. (Not on how to train rabbits sadly, mostly on how to keep rabbits as livestock.  Much less entertaining, as you would expect.) I tagged along as a quick break and because seeing other parts of Uganda rocks- especially the tropical rainforest. 
The Batwa are pygmies who, until 1992, lived only deep in the rainforest. They've been displaced from the only place they knew how to survive and have had to begin again. The have never kept livestock and because they are so small they don't like keeping bigger animals like cows or pigs. But rabbits are perfect for them and very similar to the wild ones they used to hunt and eat.  This is all a very simplified explanation of who they are and why we were down there. We were working with a group called the BDP (Batwa Development Project) so if you want more info check out their page. 
Also, they have some better pictures than the few I have. 
I'm headed back to Soroti via Kampala tomorrow! 

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