Friday, July 31, 2015


I was flipping through my camera looking for something else to write about and discovered I have tons of pictures of my cat killing and eating things. I tolerate it because he also kills snakes though I don't have any pictures of this unfortunately. Usually because I'm too busy making sure the snake is dead, I guess. Cat also has gotten into the habit of bringing me some of what he has killed. He likes hunting at night. That means he regularly brings stuff into my bedroom. Into the bed if I haven't tucked the mosquito net in well enough. I dreamed a few weeks back that I was trapped in a latrine and woke up to discover my bed stank so bad because the cat had a huge latrine rat in bed. Nothing like needing to change your sheets and shower at 3am.

Birds are also fair game. 
Lizzards are also common. As a bonus they get thrown up the most too. 
This was a giant rat. 
He always eats the head off first. I wonder why. 
I just realized I need a hobby besides taking pictures of my cat with dead things. And writing about it. Worst blog post ever. But this is life here.....

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Anthony said...

haha I enjoyed it!