Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kind of like grocery shopping when you are hungry....

Kind of like grocery shopping when you are hungry, you know you will probably shouldn't do it but sometimes you have no choice. I don't like posting when I'm discouraged but obviously waiting until I'm optimistic and in a good mood is not really working for me as I haven't posted in far too long again. I've been sick off and on this whole month and the more I ponder it the more I think it has a significant spiritual component. Which, if anything, makes it less easy to cope with.
Congratulations Chip and Susan!
My brother Chip and sister-in-law Susan had their first child this weekend and I'm so happy for them but I want to be with them so badly it hurts so I'm homesick and that compounds my melancholy attitude.
On top of all that I'm hurt and frustrated with International Teams. Next week is my final week with them. I needed to resign. I loved their values and was very excited when I found them as an organization back in 2009. I value loyalty and hate that I felt forced to leave.
Consequently, teammates are now former teammates and several are not around Soroti at this time. It leaves quite a void in my life.
I enjoy the work I'm doing in Karamoja but some trips up are really hard and I'm coming to hate doing it alone. (Like this last one, two patients who were brought to me died. A few month old baby girl who was badly burned after she crawled into a fire died of infection in her wounds and a seven year old little boy who had cerebral malaria or meningitis or something of that nature passed away while I was trying to transport him to the hospital).
Well, so that's it I guess. I'll see if I can drum up a better post tomorrow. But I'm freezing so took my temp and I'm back up to 99.9 so I get to find some tylenol and crawl back into bed.

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Amy said...

Jennifer, I am so glad to have found your blog through the Fuel Uganda newsletter! You inspire me so much, my friend. I am praying for your health, and for God to comfort you through all of highs and lows of your ministry. Thank you for sharing your life with us here on your blog! I look forward to following along, and hope to see you again in Uganda! :)