Monday, July 27, 2015

The wonderful placenta

Our baby and model placenta
So who wouldn't want to spend two hours talking about placentas?! This was the topic of the last TBA training. We talked about a huge range of things, mostly about what can go wrong with it. And an hour before our training started (or the reason the training started three hours late depending on how you look at it), together we all delivered twins so we had two placentas to look at and discuss. (No pictures of that, don't worry.)

Does this woman look like she delivered these two babies six hours before?!
Demonstrating to each other that they know how to administer pitocin.
 Just for fun you can try to picture me, a laboring woman, her mother, mother-in-law, sister and at least six (possibly more I forgot to count them) TBAs, all squeezed in a dark, smokey, dirty, mud hut. My translator was outside so I would call out, through the wall (no windows) in English, and she would yell the translation back in. The first baby had already arrived and things were going fine so mostly I was just trying to point out things we would discuss later in the training.
Less than 2 kg
 At the end of the training the new mom, both babies and grandma all got a free trip to Irriri Health center. Mostly for immunizations but the TBAs thought there is a WFP (World Food Program) initiative going on right now that gives free food to mothers of babies less than 2 kg. So because she has two tiny ones she would qualify possibly for posho (cornmeal),cooking oil and salt.

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ferrelli said...

Just another adventure in your life? Thank you for being there to aid these women in helping each other. I'm praying your malaria symptoms are better so you can be out. Blessings, Sue Ferrell