Sunday, July 26, 2015

Update on Maria and Sarah

I went out to visit Mutia Maria last week. She is the little girl who has TB of the spine. (June 3).  Truthfully, she looks a bit rough. She has pressure sores again already and has lost weight. I'm a bit bummed but knew it was going to be tough for her. Unfortunately, her lung sounds are also worse and it seems like the haven't been giving her TB meds correctly. This is the day they should have run out and we were going to the clinic together to get them refilled but she still has two weeks worth left. Also, maybe the thing that discouraged me most, is that I discovered her whole family is still alive. I had been told she was a total orphan, her mother and siblings had also died of TB, she was a a very vulnerable case. Well, the above picture is her immediate family. They just got tired of her being so much work and had been told that her TB could spread to them so they left her to die. I am glad my TBAs didn't give up on her but I wish they had felt like they could tell me the truth. Maybe it was a shame thing. Not coming from a shame/honor culture I often don't understand why they do what they do. Anyway, will follow up again in two weeks.
Several years old but you get the idea

Ajiko Sarah (Last post here) is doing much better than I thought she would. She has a lot of pelvic pain which we expected based on how her x-rays look. But she is putting on weight well, feels the baby move often and as of this week is 25 weeks along. We are planning doing another ultrasound in one month. Her C-section is still planned for October.

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