Friday, February 12, 2016

Dry season

Oh that magical time of year in Soroti when it is really, truly dry season. When the hot winds blow constantly making one feel like they are in an oven. When the dusk is so thick in the air that the sun seems to rise 20 minutes later that usual and you can always blow brown out of your nose. When eggs left in a vehicle for an hour come out fully cooked (true story).  When you can break into a sweat just putting on clothes. When plants all turn brown and die overnight. When one takes a cool shower minutes before going to bed at night and still is able to soak the sheets in sweat within an hour. When you can't seem to get enough to drink and every drop of water is precious. That point was made more poignant this week when the city turned the water off for some unknown reason and some unknown length of time. Unfortunately, I learned of this only after my storage tank was already empty. There are several more people living in my compound than in the past and between their excess laundry and several other factors, I have been going through much more water than usual. Unfortunately, this is going to make things challenging for a bit.
I have a workman here doing a bit of repair work around the house and he needed water to mix plaster. We spent about an hour trying to get a jerri can filled and finally just ended up getting some from Daniel and Rachel who also have a storage tank. A few hours later the city water did come on a trickle. It wasn't enough pressure to put any in the storage tank but I did fill a few cans and at least I got a basin bath. I can't complain though. My neighbors will struggle far worse than me.

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