Thursday, February 18, 2016

Need an intervention.

I have a problem. And I've heard that the first step to solving any problem is recognizing there is one. So here is my problem. I like acquiring new animals. I counted this morning and I now have around 25 pets. Only two of them are allowed in the house and the vast majority of them (all but the two allowed in the house) will be a meal at one time or another but it seems to me if they have a name they are a pet...
Lets start with the most boring:
Chickens/ Chicks- 7?
Ducks/ Ducklings-8

All of them are growing well and are fun to have around the yard. They are very funny if I leave a basin of water out.

Guinepigs- 2
The guinea pigs arrived on Tuesday. I wasn't really quite ready for them as food around my yard is a bit scarce due to the dry season but Izaac and Ellie were asking about them so why not?

I have to confess that it takes me a solid hour twice a day to feed and water (and clean up after) all these animals. And I actually really like doing it.

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