Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More pictures of the trip to western uganda

I promised a few more pictures and here are some I like, blatantly stolen from my friend's fb pages. 

Batwa ladies
This little guy's family wanted us to "fix" him. We did a bit of education and a lot of encouragement here. 
 A lot more encouragement and a lot of prayer because there was little else we could do. 
Also played with kids. 

The first day in Kisoro, before the team arrived I tagged along with Dr. Daniel to check on his rabbit program. It is fun to see a thriving, successful project.

Because it was raining the day we did this a few people invited us to sit inside their tiny houses. Here is a looks at the bed in their only bedroom. 

It was a refreshing week with like minded people in a much cooler climate than Soroti. But time now to get back to work....

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